The Anti Theft Lead attachment is intended for clipping your dogs lead to the collar or harness and then locking into place as an extra precaution against thieves.


Unfortunately, dog theft is on the rise and some thieves have resorted to unclipping the dog off their lead whilst walking. With our Anti Theft attachment, this wont be possible. 


Strong & Durable Material

  •  The D ring clip hook is made of polished aluminum alloy, which is waterproof, abrasion resistant and durable.


Safe Design & Prevent Slippage

  • The aluminum adopts a D-shaped nut opening design with a thread lock to prevent accidental  slippage and improve the strength of the gate, the mounting capacity is stronger and more robust.


  • The size of the clip is 45 x 77.5mm, which is very light and can be carried anywhere.


Easy to Open & Enough Space

  • The carabiner key is very easy to open and provides enough space to clip te lead to the collar.


Anti Theft Lead Attachment