The Monstar Wear Starter Pack is great for your puppy!

Are you getting a new puppy?

Looking for all the daily essentials for your new puppy?

We have everything you need, in this pack.


The Pack for each design includes:

  • XS Dog Harness
  • A 4FT 2.5cm Double handle lead
  • Poop Bag Holder with 1 roll 
  • Hypoallergenic Treats
  • Paw & Nose Balm
  • Stuffed Buffalo Bone, Furry cow ear or Cow Ear (Customisable)
  • Combined RRP £50+



The Monstar Wear Step in Strap Dog Harness is an harness that can be worn everyday, is easy to put on and comfortable for dogs to wear.


The step in strap dog harness is one which the dogs 'step in' therefore it doesnt need to be put over the dogs head - as some dogs do not like this. The 'Y' shape design ensures that the harness is comfortable and unrestrictive. 


The reflective stitching ensures your dog is visible on dark nights.



XS: Chest 8"-11" & Waist 6"-10" (up to 3kg)


Please note the weight measurements are only esitmates and to ensure you have the correct size we always recommend measuring your dog. 


Width of the strap:

XS: 0.5"



Monstar Starter Pack - Step in

Collection Design