Natural Rabbit Ears with Fur - helps as a Natural De-Wormer.

We have just stocked some Furry Rabbit ears as one of our natural treats and chews.

They are free from all grains and gluten, a fantastic ultra low-fat Hypoallergenic treat which are excellent for dogs with sensitive digestions ideal for all ages and breeds for dogs including puppies.

The fur offers dietary fibre and clean through the dog's stomach almost like a broom as it passes through, sweeping up worms and larvae and depositing them as faeces

These are a lightly air-dried, Easily digestible & a great non-smelling treat to have around the house – Yoshi loves them!

As we all know, French Bulldogs suffer in the heat and on warmer days so, in the summer it is worth putting one in the freezer as they cool down the dogs as well as being a great snack ideal for natural feeders.

· Improved dental health: Since rabbit ears are dried, they create an abrasive action against the surface of the teeth as they are chewed. This removes plaque and food material build up.

· Improved digestion: Some rabbit ears are covered in hair. This is a type of fibre which is poorly digested. As the hair travels through the intestines, it gently brushes trapped, undigested food away, improving the ability of the intestines to absorb nutrients.

· Natural deworming: Much like how rabbit ears improve digestion, as the hair brushes the insides of the intestines, they also help to remove worms. They are not a completely effective dewormer, so worm egg counts and medicinal dewormers will still be required, however they help to keep the worm burden low.

· Improved anal gland health: As already mentioned, hair contains fibre, which helps to firm up the stools. If your dog struggles with recurrent anal gland impactions, firmer stools will help squeeze them as they pass by, resulting in fewer impactions and secondary infections.

· Decreased anxiety: Chewing has been scientifically proven to trigger a release of endorphins, which will help your dog relax and feel less anxious. Chewing is an ideal stress-relieving distraction during phobic events, such as fireworks or thunderstorms.

· Hypoallergenic: Many producers of rabbit ears claim they are hypoallergenic, and are suitable for dogs with food allergies. While this isn’t entirely true, as dogs can be allergic to rabbit proteins, it is very rare for a dog to be allergic to rabbit as it is a novel protein. Therefore, most dogs with allergies can tolerate it well.

Even though rabbit ears have many health benefits, and are highly nutritious, they should only make up a small proportion of your dog’s diet. Your dog predominantly needs to eat a balanced, high-quality food. Giving your dog a rabbit ear two or three times a week is plenty for them to be able to experience the benefits of them.