Step in Logo Harness for Summer

Our newest dog harness is comfortable, unrestrictive, and perfect for warmer days. The light weight, but padded, design ensures your dog is happy.

A dog harness which covers the chest and back, whilst being great for protection, will unfortunately hold heat in between the harness and the dog so these are recommended more for cooler days. Mesh harnesses such as our golfing collection can be a cooler alternative to our original harness. However, for the lightest and coolest dog harness, we recommend our step-in logo dog harness.

We have found dogs to be extremely comfortable in our step-in logo harness, the fully adjustable design which allows you to adjust the harness around the neck and waist, ensures you have a tailored fit for each dog.

Having a French Bulldog, Yoshi Monstar, I know how important it is to keep her cool. We do not walk when it is too warm for her, always carry water, walk near water so she can have a paddle and a dip and walk in shaded areas if possible. In the addition to this and now the days are becoming warmer, Yoshi wears her new step in logo harness along with her cooling collar (we sometimes wet this and put it in the freezer, so it is really cold).

Other dogs which can suffer with the heat are:

· Breeds that are brachycephalic (such as Shih-Tzus, Pekingese, English bulldogs, French bulldogs, boxers, etc.

· Dogs with laryngeal paralysis (an abnormality of their voice box cartilage)

· Dogs that have had heat stroke before

· Dark coated dogs

· Obese dogs (as the fat insulates them)

Some signs to look out for that your dog is overheating:

  • Excessive panting

  • Red-coloured gums

  • Thick ropey saliva in the mouth

  • Warm to the touch

  • Red “flushed” skin near the ears, muzzle, underbelly

  • Moisture from the paws

Best to try and cool your dog down as soon as you can if you spot any of the above.

Another feature of the step-in dog harness is that dogs do just, ‘step in’ the harness to put it on. We know that some dogs do not like their dog harnesses going over their heads, so this is a great alternative.

Photo credit is to one of our customers/Monstars, Rocky!