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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

After months of ‘putting it off’ or just not having the time, I have finally got round to writing our first blog post! I’m not the world’s best writer, hence putting it off for so long but I wanted our first post to be a little introduction to who we are and what we are about so I will start with the dogs.

We have 4 dogs, Big Alfie, Poncho, Ralph and Yoshi Monstar (Sharpei/Bullmastiff, 2 x Chihuahuas and a French Bulldog). As you will notice the idea for Monstar Wear came to me after struggling to find a dog harness that fits correctly for Yoshi Monstar – hence the name!

So many dog harnesses on the market either did not fit correctly (Frenchie’s have wide shoulders and little waists!), were unrestrictive and uncomfortable or just was not fit for purpose. Even though French Bulldogs are classed as a small/medium breed, they can be extremely strong and muscular – therefore we opted for a padded STRONG harness for our first design which is now known as. The Original.

The idea: I wanted all our harnesses to be unrestrictive and comfortable, whilst bearing in mind that the harness should not rub behind the dog’s front legs. Therefore, all our dog harnesses are Y Shape to allow the dogs shoulders to move as intended and not be restricted. I also wanted our dog harnesses to be adjustable and the size be tailored to each dog, therefore all our harnesses are fully adjustable around the neck and waist. Lastly, I wanted our dog harness to be fashionable with recognisable designs.

This is how it all started back in January 2019 when the idea came to me, 8 months later (and with A LOT of work and adjustments) in August 2019 we had our first lot of dog harnesses. April 2021 and we have products all over the world and an ever-growing pack of ‘Monstars’.

Shannon & Yoshi Monstar

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