Why Is My Dog’s Nose Dry?

Your dog’s nose is dry while they're sleeping. This happens simply because your dog is not licking his nose while he’s asleep. His nose should be wet again within 10 minutes of waking up.

Winter is tough on a dog’s nose. Do you ever wake up with a dry, scratchy throat during the winter months? That’s probably due to the flow of warm air from heating vents. Warm airflow can have the same effect on a dog’s nose. Has your pup been sleeping right next to a vent to keep warm? That warm air can dry out his nose and things should return to normal once he moves away from the heat source.

Along with indoor heating, the cold air and winds of winter also cause a dry nose. Think of how dry and chapped your lips get when you’re outdoors in winter. That’s similar to what happens to a dog’s nose.

Older dogs may have drier noses. If you notice this as your dog ages, a dab of nose balm will help keep their nose moist.

Brachycephalic breeds are prone to dry nose. Dogs with short snouts, like Pugs and French bulldogs often have difficulty licking their nose. You may have to apply moisturizer to keep it moist - I know I have to with our Frenchie, Yoshi. Other breeds, Lhasa Apsos, for example, are prone to blocked tears ducts, which can also cause the nose to dry out.

Like all of our products, I (well Yoshi) tested our paw & nose balm out and you can see the difference in just 3 days! The photo on the left is before, and the right is after 3 days of application, twice a day.

Our balm also doubles up as a paw balm to help dry/cracked paws and offer some protection from walking in the winter.

Only £6.50 for 60g*


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