The Monstar Wear Blue Golfing Harness is an harness that can be worn everyday, is easy to put on and comfortable for dogs to wear.


The harness is fully adjustable around the neck and the waist to allow for a comfortable and unrestrictive fit. 



XS: Neck 29-36cm Chest 26-48cm (4kg - 7kg)

S: Neck 35-44cm Chest 41-54cm (7kg - 11kg)

M: Neck 38-58cm Chest 53-67cm (11kg - 14kg)

L: Neck 56-66cm Chest 65-73cm (14kg - 24kg)


Mesh design for breathability.


Please note the weight recommendations are a guideline and we always recommend measuring your dog. 


If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend opting for the larger harness.


Blue Golfing Harness