The Monstar Wear Dog Harness is an harness that can be worn everyday, is easy to put on and comfortable for dogs to wear.


The harness features two leash attachment points: an attachment point centered on the dog's back for everyday walks, and another at the dog's chest to offer additional control and help resist pulling.



XS: Neck 7"-13" & Chest 10"-15"

S: Neck 12"-16.5" & Chest 15.5"-20"

M: Neck 15"-23" & Chest 21"-26.5"

L: Neck 21.5"-34" & Chest 23.5"-36"

Grey Star Harness

    • Reflective stitching to help with low light visability.
    • Customisable fit with four points of adjustment which means it is non-restrictive for dogs and still allows a full range of motion.



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